Twitter compliance threatens Twitter with fines in the billions

Twitter compliance threatens Twitter with fines in the billions

Twitter’s drastic downsizing following Elon Musk’s acquisition of the company in late October has worried not only cybersecurity experts, but also those responsible for maintaining the social network’s network infrastructure. The compliance of Twitter’s activities with the requirements of the law was also checked by specialized specialists, and losses in their ranks threaten the company with fines in the billions.

    Image Credit: Bloomberg, Gabby Jones

Image Credit: Bloomberg, Gabby Jones

Warns against it Bloomberg with reference to own sources that are informed about the state of affairs in the company. Regulators in the United States and European Union have already begun to express concern that Twitter, in its current state, is struggling to enforce compliance with the many requirements of regional user data regulations. In the US at least, Twitter’s FTC Compliance Committee was removed after two employees were fired and the other three left on their own initiative. This body has existed since November last year and was responsible for monitoring and checking the processing of user data.

Things are no better in Europe. Cuts were also made to the Irish Twitter office, which was formally responsible for complying with the law, with two out of three employees leaving the responsible body, at the urging of Elon Musk. Vijaya Gadde, the unit’s lead attorney, left that committee along with Sinead McSweeney, Twitter’s vice president of global public policy. The latter managed to challenge the decision to dismiss her in court. Dublin also hosted monthly meetings of the company’s board of directors profile committee, which oversaw Twitter’s compliance with European laws.

If the European regulators prove that Twitter’s Irish office is no longer monitoring compliance with the legality of the company’s activities, any of the 27 EU countries can launch an investigation into this social network, and the revenue penalties for violations in this area can be up to 4 %. of the company’s annual turnover. European officials have already expressed concern over Twitter’s ability to enforce local laws over the past week. The remaining Irish branch staff are required to consult with regulators on a daily basis.

To make matters worse, the cuts also affected the team of information security specialists. It is believed that more than 100 people have left their ranks, reducing the size of the specialist team by almost half. Last month, Renato Monteiro, who previously led the Latin America region, was appointed interim Head of Information Security but has now relocated to Ireland and is assigned to Twitter’s global arm. Professionals with this profile must navigate approximately 400 industry standards and requirements, and reviews are conducted annually by the US Federal Trade Commission. Representatives of this body have already expressed their deep concern about what is happening to Twitter.

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