Twitter canceled the distribution of gray ticks confirming the authenticity

Twitter canceled the distribution of gray ticks confirming the authenticity of the account

The new owner Elon Musk is actively reforming the activities of the social network Twitter and is not afraid to make mistakes and then correct them. The distribution of the “official” gray check labels, started the day before, was canceled by Wednesday evening and the accounts that had received them were once again revoked. Twitter management clarified that the gray ticks will return later, but will be distributed according to a different principle.

    Image source: CNET

Image source: CNET

Twitter product development manager Esther Crawford said yesterday that Twitter accounts need to be broken down into three types. Twitter Blue subscribers who are willing to pay $8 a month for a range of benefits will automatically receive blue ticks that replace the previous verification process, but they won’t be required to provide any personal information to verify their identity. A number of public figures, show business stars, companies and organizations receive verification in the form of a gray tick and Official status, and they do not have to pay for it. Finally, all other users retain free access to the social network, but are not verified in any way.

Until Wednesday evening, as he explains CNBC, which appeared in the morning of the same day, the gray ticks disappeared from the names of accounts of various media and organizations. In a meeting with advertisers, Elon Musk criticized such a system, saying that it simply divides users into two classes and does not solve a key problem. He later wrote that Twitter will do many short-sighted things in the coming months. “We will keep what works and change what doesn’t work” explained the billionaire.

Esther Crawford added that gray ticks will return with the launch of the updated Twitter Blue service, but going forward will mostly be assigned to government agencies and commercial organizations accounts. According to a Twitter spokesman for the company “No more sacred cows”, and Elon Musk is willing to try different things, some leading to success and others to failure. As Crawford added, “The challenge is to find a series of successful changes that ensure long-term well-being and business development.”. Elon Musk said the same thing on Wednesday “A blue tick would be the best compensation”.

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