Twitter Blue followers should be allowed to hide blue verification

Twitter Blue followers should be allowed to hide blue verification ticks

Twitter is likely working on a feature to hide the blue tick, a badge given to users who have paid for a Blue subscription and passed the verification process. About innovations informed Application researcher Alessandro Paluzzi.

    Image source: Fotomix /

Image source: Fotomix /

Paluzzi posted a screenshot from the app’s pre-release settings, showing the option to “Show or hide the blue tick on your profile”. There is still no official word on the development of the feature, but the desire to hide the Twitter Blue subscriber badge is understandable: in some communities such users are ridiculed and condemned. There is even browser extensionblocks messages from people who pay for a subscription.

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Image source:

Today, the blue tick can be interpreted in two ways: In addition to Twitter Blue subscribers, the badge can also be present on accounts verified before Elon Musk’s arrival. He promised to put these labels in order as early as April: blue ticks are only for Twitter Blue subscribers, gray ticks for verified government and official accounts, and gold ticks for official corporate accounts. The second and third are issued free of charge by the platform administration.

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