Twitter announces the resignation of two top security

Twitter announces the resignation of two top security executives

Twitter has announced the departure of its security chief Peiter Zatko from the company. The director of information security, Rinki Sethi, will also leave in the coming weeks.

Image source: edar/

Image source: edar/

Significant personnel changes at Twitter began after CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey left the company in November. His post was taken over by former deputy head of Twitter Parag Agrawal (Parag Agrawal), who began a leadership reshuffle almost immediately after taking office.

The company did not specify whether the departure of the two top managers was voluntary. In 2020, Peter Zatko, the famous hacker named Mudge, became Twitter’s head of security. The appointment follows an incident in which attackers exploited a vulnerability in the platform’s systems and began posting tweets to verified accounts of famous people, including former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates and Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

The first to report on the departure of Mr. Zatko and the upcoming resignation of Rinka Sethi from the post of Information Security Director was the publication New York Times. The information has now been officially confirmed. Journalists could not contact Messrs Zatko and Sethi for comment.


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