Twitter aligns the price for Blue subscribers in apps on

Twitter aligns the price for Blue subscribers in apps on Android and iOS to $11 per month – on the web the price remains at $8

Last year, shortly after Elon Musk acquired Twitter, the social network offered a Blue plan with differentiated plans for users of iOS and Android devices. The latter initially had to pay $8 per month regardless of the payment method, and users of the iOS ecosystem paid an additional $3 to offset Apple’s fees. Now Android device users pay $11 per month.

    Image source: Reuters, Dado Ruvic

Image source: Reuters, Dado Ruvic

As explained TechCrunch, Twitter still saves both categories of users the same $3 per month by paying for a subscription through an external site rather than Apple’s or Google’s App Store. You can also pay for the $84 annual subscription through the website, which saves you a bit monthly. Similar offers apply in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

    Image source: Twitter, TechCrunch

Image source: Twitter, TechCrunch

Subscribers to Twitter Blue get a blue confirmation tick, the ability to upload longer videos, higher priority in ranking tweets, advanced thread reading capabilities, the right to edit posts, and choose topic icons from suggested phrases. Subscribers to the service can see half as many ads, and this year Twitter intends to launch another tariff plan that will completely eliminate the need for users to view ads.

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