Twitch to cut payouts for top streamers

Twitch to cut payouts for top streamers

Currently, many members of the Twitch affiliate program receive 50% of the funds earned, and the site takes the other 50%. However, some of the most popular streamers take 70% of their earnings under separate deals. Soon the terms of cooperation with them will change.

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Under Twitch’s new policy, premium streamers only get 70% of the first $100,000, after which they share the proceeds with the platform in the form of frame shares. This change will reportedly go into effect on June 1, 2023 or later if the streamer’s contract with Twitch is longer.

The $100,000 threshold is calculated for the 12-month period in which the streamer’s agreement with the platform is in effect. After this period expires and the contract is renewed, the amount earned by the streamer will be reset to zero. According to Twitch, around 90% of premium streamers are unaffected by these changes given their current earnings levels.

Certainly, the Twitch policy change is unlikely to please top streamers. However, it seems that lately the platform hasn’t been as interested in serving their needs as it used to be. The platform has already lost some popular streamers who signed exclusive deals with YouTube, but even now, Twitch remains one of the leaders in the streaming segment. According to the source, Twitch users watched a total of 5.64 billion hours of live broadcasts in the second quarter of this year, while the number of views on YouTube Gaming was 1.13 billion hours over the same period.


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