Twitch CEO resigns

Twitch CEO resigns

Emmett Shear, CEO of Amazon-owned streaming service Twitch, is stepping down as a co-founder of the company he has worked at for over 16 years. He will be replaced by Twitch President Dan Clancy, who has been here since 2019, while Shear remains on as an advisor.

    Image source: Caspar Camille Rubin /

Image source: Caspar Camille Rubin /

The Twitch platform has come under fire in recent months for cutting payouts to top streamers. Their fee used to be 70% of subscription earnings, but last September the company’s policy changed: Now the 70% share for the largest content creators is paid only for the first $100,000 earned, and then drops to the standard 50%.

Emmett Scheer entered the game streaming industry in October 2006 and co-founded, which was spun off from Twitch in 2011. The new project quickly gained popularity in the gaming community, allowing viewers to exchange messages with streamers and each other during live broadcasts. Three years later, the project was acquired by Amazon for nearly $1 billion. Before joining Twitch, the service’s new CEO, Dan Clancy, held senior positions at NASA, local social media platform Nextdoor, and Google .


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