Twitch bans usernames associated with sex drugs and hate

Twitch bans usernames associated with sex, drugs, and hate

Twitch streaming service updated Terms of Service by prohibiting usernames associated with intimate relationships, prohibited substances, hatred and violence, and personal data. Users of the service have time to put their accounts in order.

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Under the new policy, usernames refer to “Intercourse, arousal, fluids, or genitals”, hard drugs, as well as hate speech, threats of violence and personal data. The Twitch admin explained that even in accordance with the current policy, many fake usernames were removed, but there was a need “Set stricter standards”.

The new rules will come into effect on March 1, 2022 and there will be ample time for content creators on the platform to adapt their profiles to these requirements without affecting activities on the platform. If the necessary actions are not taken, the accounts will be blocked.

The platform also has a tool that allows you to reset account data while keeping the most important parameters such as the number of subscribers. In the future, Twitch will use artificial intelligence algorithms when processing a profile, which will check the data in advance for compliance with the new rules.


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