Turn based strategy game with roguelike elements Dungeons of Aether has

Turn-based strategy game with roguelike elements Dungeons of Aether has an exact release date

Developer from the independent American studio Aether as part of a current broadcast Rivals direct 4 announced the exact release date of their turn-based pixel strategy Dungeons of Aether.

    Image Credit: Aether Studios

Image Credit: Aether Studios

Remember that Dungeons of Aether was released last April (am previous Rivals Direct) and should premiere on Steam later this year.

As has been announced, Dungeons of Aether will go on sale on October 25 this year. In addition to the exact release date, the project also has own page in the Valve Digital Store.

Dungeons of Aether takes place in the mines beneath the steampunk town of Julesvale. Players must fight enemies, collect treasures and learn more about the game world thanks to journal entries.

The developers promise four heroes, a dice-based combat system, a story mode (a roguelite adventure with NPCs and levels) and challenge dungeons (a roguelike with unique rules for each level and starting gear).


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