Tumblr offered two blue ticks at a time for 8

Tumblr offered two blue ticks at a time for $8

Due to the change in Twitter policy and the ongoing chaos it has brought, the once-forgotten blogging platform Tumblr is on the rise within the company. Unlike most other social networks, there is no mechanism to verify accounts for authenticity, which causes some confusion. Hence the administration of the service in a humorous way recommended a measure that… changes nothing, but costs $7.99 for all!

    Image source: tumblr.com/staff

Image source: tumblr.com/staff

For a one-time fee of $7.99, the Tumblr administration, as a spoof on Twitter, offered its users not just one, but two blue ticks next to their nicknames in posts—and so far only on the web version. In reality, buying this option does not bring any benefits to users and does not open up new opportunities, and they offer to spend money just to amuse their own vanity.

With this hilarious move, Tumblr, which is owned by Automattic, the creator of WordPress.com and developer of the CMS of the same name, made it clear that it remains uninterested in introducing mechanisms for verifying individual users. There are really very few celebrities on the platform, so there is no need to verify their identities, and perhaps that’s the special charm of a relatively small community – on Tumblr, users themselves confirm the authenticity of celebrity accounts among themselves. Meanwhile, Twitter removed the free gray tick and brought it back.


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