TSMCs January results indicated the semiconductor market is returning to

TSMC’s January results indicated the semiconductor market is returning to growth

TSMC has already reported about the results of its activities in January of this year. The first month of the year allowed the company to increase revenue year-on-year by 7.9% to $6.9 billion, and by 22.4% sequentially, which is not entirely consistent with seasonal trends and indicates an increase in demand for components for artificial intelligence systems.

  Image Source: TSMC

Image Source: TSMC

Reporting its last quarter results in mid-January, TSMC said that for the entire first quarter of this year, it expects revenue growth of at least 8% to at least $18 billion. Under favorable circumstances, TSMC’s revenue in the first quarter should reach $18.4 billion , increasing year-on-year by 12.5%. Thus, January’s share in the company’s potential quarterly revenue has already exceeded a conventional third, which is located at $6.13 billion per month. This is a good signal for investors who continue to believe in the rise of the semiconductor market amid strong demand in the artificial intelligence systems segment.

For 2024 as a whole, TSMC expects to increase revenue by at least 21%, as well as keep capital expenditures in the range of $28 billion to $32 billion, which in the middle of the range is exactly in line with last year’s capital expenditures. About 70% to 80% of this will go to advanced processes, 10% to 20% to mature processes, and packaging technologies will receive about 10% of capital expenditures this year. TSMC is not afraid of overproduction in the field of mature technical processes, since it enters into long-term contracts with customers, and also offers them unique lithographic technologies adapted to their needs. Over the next few years, TSMC management expects the company’s revenue to grow by an average of 15-20% per year.

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