TSMC will increase investments in the US to 40 billion

TSMC will increase investments in the US to $40 billion and produce three times as many chips there as planned

Taiwan-based TSMC, in anticipation of today’s ceremony marking the start of equipment installation at its first Arizona facility, issued a statement of its future plans to expand that manufacturing facility. Investment in the project will reach $40 billion, by 2026 there will be a second company capable of manufacturing 3nm chips, and the combined productivity of the two companies will reach 60,000 silicon wafers per month.

    Image source: TSMC

Image source: TSMC

TSMC statements appeared on the pages of the publication Nikkei Asian Review, which already predicted the appearance of Apple, AMD and NVIDIA among the first customers of these companies. Recall that TSMC originally announced plans to spend $12 billion to build a single company and master the production of 5nm products on its conveyor at a rate equivalent to 20,000 silicon wafers per month. It was also planned that the Arizona plant would create 1,600 jobs.

The updated plan includes not only producing more advanced 4nm products at the first facility starting in 2024, according to the source, but also building a second that can start producing 3nm products by 2026. Accordingly, the investment volume will increase to 40 billion US dollars and the number of silicon wafers processed monthly by the two companies will increase to 60,000 pieces. The number of employees will increase to 4,500 people by then.

Of course, when TSMC’s second Arizona facility goes online, it will not only be the most advanced in the US by TSMC standards, it will also be the most environmentally friendly. It will be able to manufacture components for both low-power devices and high-power solutions. Apple, AMD and NVIDIA have been officially confirmed as the first customers of these TSMC companies. While AMD makes no secret of the fact that it hopes to entrust TSMC with releasing its most advanced products locally, the NVIDIA founder simply got away with the general words that TSMC’s investment in the US is a game changer for the entire industry .

The actual ceremony, dedicated to the start of the installation of the equipment in the buildings of the first TSMC plant in Arizona, will take place a little later and will be attended by representatives of TSMC’s partners and customers, as well as high-ranking officials. including US President Joseph Biden (Joseph Biden). TSMC is led by Founder Morris Chang, Chairman Mark Liu and CEO CC Wei.

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