TSMC has decided to accelerate the transition to green energy

TSMC has decided to accelerate the transition to green energy by ten years

As a member of the RE100 initiative, the Taiwanese company TSMC has made certain commitments to switch to the use of energy from renewable sources and achieve carbon neutrality. Recently the company announced about its willingness to accelerate this process by switching to the exclusive use of energy from renewable sources by 2040, ten years earlier than originally planned.

    Image source: TSMC

Image source: TSMC

The target set for 2030 was adjusted accordingly. TSMC now expects to source 60% of its energy from renewable sources by the end of this decade, up from 40% previously. At the same time, the goal of switching to CO2 neutrality was not adjusted; the company still expects to reach it only by 2050. According to CEO Mark Liu, TSMC is fully aware of its key position in the global semiconductor industry and its own influence on various economic sectors.”and therefore bases its management policy on the principle of “green” production.

TSMC’s largest customer, Apple, could influence TSMC management to accelerate the transition to using energy exclusively from renewable sources. The iPhone provider wants to make all of its products “climate neutral” by 2030 and relies heavily on its contractual partners, including TSMC, to achieve this goal. Hundreds of Apple partners have already confirmed their commitment to using only renewable energy by 2030.

Directly for TSMC, the path to this goal is complicated by the fact that most of its production capacity is concentrated in Taiwan, which is not yet ready to offer the company a sufficient amount of renewable energy sources. The Korean company Samsung Electronics, one of the three largest manufacturers of semiconductor products, is also a participant in the RE100 initiative, so the problem of such migration affects not only companies in the semiconductor industry.

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