TSMC doesnt feel the downturn in the market November

TSMC doesn’t feel the downturn in the market – November revenue up 50.2%

This week, TSMC executives expressed optimism about the prospects for a semiconductor contract manufacturing business for US customers as the two Arizona facilities hit a $40 billion construction budget and tripled their construction capacity. The company is also doing well globally, with November sales up 50.2% year over year.

    Image source: TSMC

Image source: TSMC

According to statistics from TSMC, in November, the company help out approximately $7.3 billion at current exchange rates, which represents steady growth of 5.9%, and year-over-year revenue immediately increased by 50.2%. It’s safe to call the current year a period of significant growth for TSMC, as the company’s January-November revenue rose 44.6% to $67.6 billion.

However, let’s not forget that not everything is so rosy in the activities of TSMC. However, it had to reduce the investment sum for the current year from 40 to 36 billion US dollars -Process technology are manufactured. The company expects the capacity utilization of the relevant production lines to be restored by the middle of next year. The company is also being forced to delay upgrading its facilities due to delays in the shipment of lithography equipment.

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