TSMC and MediaTek will hire at least 10000 engineers this

TSMC and MediaTek will hire at least 10,000 engineers this year

Last week, TSMC management announced that it will increase capital expenditures from $30 billion to at least $40 billion this year, and the top line is $44 billion Developing new technologies requires new staff, and someone has to work newly formed companies. TSMC’s engineering team will increase by 8,000 this year, MediaTek will hire 2,000 engineers.

Image source: TSMC

Image source: TSMC

The Japanese edition reports on this Nikkei Asian Review with reference to informed sources. Last year, TSMC hired approximately 8,000 people, so this year’s hiring plans will ensure the pace of staff growth continues. Today, TSMC has about 60,000 employees worldwide, although most of the workforce is concentrated in Taiwan.

Company representatives at the quarterly reporting conference made it clear that with the appearance of new companies in the United States and Japan, the focus will be on the selection of local personnel – this applies to both production and development. Along the way, it was established that no one will forcibly sack TSMC’s leaders who have reached a respectable age, and that they will remain at the top for as long as their strength allows.

The Taiwanese mobile processor developer MediaTek is planning to increase the number of engineers by 2,000 this year. In the past, the company has hired about the same number, and a total of 19,300 people work for MediaTek. In addition to staffing in Taiwan, this developer will attract talent from India. Around 1,000 R&D professionals are already working here, and MediaTek values ​​their potential very much. Last year the company spent about $3.62 billion on development, this year the budget may increase by 10 or 20%.

Taiwanese authorities are trying to support the development of the local microelectronics industry, four new specialized universities have recently opened here, and their funding budget for the next ten years will reach US$10.86 billion.


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