TrendForce Laptop sales will start falling in 2022

TrendForce: Laptop sales will start falling in 2022

TrendForce has released a new forecast for portable computing supply. After a record-breaking 2021, analysts expect laptop sales to fall.

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About 246 million laptops were shipped worldwide last year amid a pandemic that has fueled a surge in demand for computing equipment. Growth compared to 2020 was 19.4%. It is important to note that both traditional laptops and Chromebooks, devices running the Chrome OS operating system, are included.

In 2022, experts predict that the global portable computing market will shrink by 3.3%. As a result, sales for the year will be at the level of 238 million units.

Image source: TrendForce

Image source: TrendForce

Of the total mass of devices sold, 208.5 million units will be traditional laptops, and another 29.4 million units will be Chromebooks. Thus, the share of laptops running Chrome OS will account for 12.3% of total sales, compared to 15.2% last year.

It is noted that the delivery time of new laptops has increased two to three times due to the disruption in supply chains and the shortage of electronic components.


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