Toyota is launching its own Arene operating system for cars

Toyota is launching its own Arene operating system for cars by 2025

By 2025, Toyota Motor wants to develop its own software platform that masters tasks of all complexity – from executing basic functions to supporting autonomous driving. The Arene operating system will enable the automaker to compete on an equal footing with car giants such as Tesla and Volkswagen and set the standards by which the next generation of cars will work in the future.

Source: WorldInMyEyes /

Source: WorldInMyEyes /

The company plans to start using Arene OS in its own new cars by 2025. Thereafter, the platform will be made available to sister companies such as Subaru and other manufacturers and start-ups working on electric and / or autonomous vehicles.

Arene monitors basic components such as steering, braking, safety management and evaluates location and traffic information. All models, regardless of manufacturer, will access such functions, software updates are carried out “over the air” – similar to smartphones. Developers can create add-ons for the operating system of the future without waiting for a new “hardware” base to emerge, and cloud integration enables developers from different teams within the same company to work in parallel and remotely. Virtual testing of developments is supported.

Toyota has already announced that it will open Arene to other developers, including outside the auto industry. They can create their own software for autonomous driving systems and other vehicle-related solutions. According to the automaker, services from various companies will be as easy to download as smartphone apps.

Source: Innovalabs /

Source: Innovalabs /

The automaker already has strong competitors with Volkswagen, which is working on the vw.os project, and Daimler, which plans to publish MB.OS for its own cars by 2024. General Motors is also developing its own operating system. Tesla is also a strong contender, developing an operating system and software, and eventually intending to develop fully autonomous machines. Like Toyota, the company plans to sell its solutions to other automakers. Additionally, tech giants like Google and Apple are looking for ways to apply the models that made them successful in the mobile software market to the auto industry.

The competition in the automotive sector is shifting from hardware to software. According to estimates by the American consulting firm Lux Research, electronics and software will account for 50% of the cost of cars in 2030 – in 2000 it was no more than 20%.

The trend can be seen in the change in the labor market – according to some reports, the next “call” for new Toyota employees among college graduates this spring will be 40-50% software specialists, up from 20 before Do not exceed%. Although the company did not announce how much it plans to invest in software development, the scope can be estimated from the hiring plans – the automaker is said to employ a total of 18,000 software developers.

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