Total sales of Survival Simulator Rust exceed 124 million copies

Total sales of Survival Simulator Rust exceed 12.4 million copies

Developer from the Facepunch studio published on their website EmbassyTalking about the successes of the survival simulator Rust and sharing plans for the future.

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In December 2021, the project turned 8 and has been purchased more than 12.4 million times during that time. It’s worth noting that Rust was in Early Access on PC until 2018, while versions for the Xbox and PlayStation 4 consoles didn’t come out until May last year.

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Of other interesting stats about Facepunch Studios’ popular survival simulator, we should mention:

  • sold over 1.1 million copies of DLC on all platforms;
  • over 600,000 accounts were blocked;
  • the audience of the official Discord server exceeded 400,000 participants;
  • the highest level on the Internet was 267,211 people.

In the case of Twitch, the developers separately stated that Rust was able to collect 1.37 million viewers over the entire period who watched over 300 million hours of content. The total duration of Twitch streams dedicated to the game exceeded 4.2 million hours and the total number of views exceeded 1.3 billion.

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Facepunch will continue to develop Rust, so a mandatory patch will be released this February to fix some software bugs. There is also an “Arctic” update in development that will add new weapons and vehicles, new missions, and polar bears to the game.

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