Torrent tracker RARBG one of the most popular movies and

Torrent tracker RARBG, one of the most popular movies and series in the world, has been shut down

RARBG, one of the world’s largest torrent sites, said goodbye to millions of users. The site, which is a well-known and stable source of freebies for new movie and series releases, has cited several reasons for its decision to shut down operations, including the impact of the COVID pandemic and financial difficulties. An unexpected failure marks the end of an era.

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Torrent site RARBG was founded in 2008 and soon became a major player in the torrent ecosystem. Not only did it attract millions of visitors each month from around the world, but it was also a major publishing hub, bridging the gap between the official scene and the wider pirate public. Fifteen years of work on the website suddenly came to an end today. In a message published on the website’s main page, the team says goodbye to users. The closure of the site was also confirmed by independent sources.

RARBG cites several reasons for the unexpected decision, including COVID-related health issues that resulted in the tragic death of one of the participants. “The last two years have been very difficult for us – some have died as a result of the coronavirus, others are still suffering from the side effects.”— said the representative of the RARBG team.

Rising costs for data centers in Europe also played a role. And with revenues unable to keep up with rising costs, closure of the site was inevitable at some point. “Inflation makes our daily cost of maintaining the site impossible. After a unanimous vote, we have decided that we cannot cover these enormous expenses out of our own pockets. We apologize 🙁 Goodbye”says the message.

Today’s outage is one of the biggest torrent sites in history. It’s also the first major shutdown since 2015-2016, when KickassTorrents, Torrentz, and ExtraTorrent all left the scene. It goes without saying that there will be many imitators looking to capitalize on the RARBG brand. However, you should be aware that the actual RARBG command no longer exists.


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