Too scary to play Haunted House in Horror Trailer with

Too scary to play: Haunted House in Horror Trailer with Imitation Camera of Paranormal Tales Portable DVR

The developers of an unusual horror game with an imitation of a personal video recorder camera Paranormal Tales submitted new gameplay trailer for the game. The video appeared on IGN’s YouTube channel.

    Image source: Digital Cybercherries

Image source: Digital Cybercherries

In the new clip, the protagonist explores the interior of the house that was briefly shown in the October announcement trailer. The video contained a moment with a monster attack. The authors stressed that the project is in the early alpha stage and will undergo significant changes before release.

In the comments, users again pointed out the widely used fisheye effect and expressed their hope for support for VR mode. “This game will become part of my Too Scary to Play collection on Steam”wrote Abominable paradox. At the same time, many did not like the environment, which was created using free materials from the Unreal Store and looked too typical for indie horror (many remembered Visage’s house). Maybe by the time the full version is released, the developers will make the interiors less recognizable.

Paranormal Tales is a series of interactive video recordings from camcorders, portable DVRs and phones whose owners have mysteriously disappeared. Players take on the role of each of the missing characters to find out what happened. The horror is inspired by PT, Alien: Isolation, Resident Evil and Silent Hill, as well as the films The Blair Witch Project and It Follows. The authors rely on hyperrealism and try to achieve the feeling that the stories told could happen to anyone. The almost complete absence of dialogs and design elements of the mobile application’s interface will help in this “Blurring the line between reality and the digital world”. The technological basis is the Unreal Engine 5.

In a recent post Steam Community The creators responded to the players’ suggestion to abandon assist tricks by suddenly jumping out enemies. “Each episode tells a different story in a new setting, allowing us to experiment with spooky things. They write. — In some episodes we will add screamers while others will be performed in the psychological horror genre.”

“The player must look for sources of noise, try not to make noise or touch objects, avoid darkness and, most importantly, avoid supernatural phenomena, says the description. — You look at the world through a screen where scary things can happen. Is it just your camera, or are you really seeing something weird?

The first trailer, released in October last year, has received over 500,000 views and 19,000 likes on the IGN channel. Then the users compared the game with the movie “Paranormal Activity” (Paranormal Activity). In November, the authors, friends Joure and Joe, authorizedthat they weren’t expecting so many positive reactions, and announced that the studio Digital Cybercherries would be helping with the development and release of the project (at the time of the announcement, the Horror Cam Committee was listed as the creator).

Paranormal Tales has been in development for about a year and is scheduled for release on PC by the end of 2023 (steam).

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