Tomorrows presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S22 will take place

Tomorrow’s presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S22 will take place simultaneously in the real world and the metaverse

Samsung has announced that tomorrow’s Galaxy Unpacked event, which will showcase the new Galaxy S22, will take place in both the real world and virtual reality at the same time. Metaverse fans can attend the event at digital copy owned by Samsung Save 837Xsimultaneously in New York and on the virtual platform Decentraland.

Image source: Samsung

Image source: Samsung

Above all, such an announcement is extremely unusual for the company, which has talked very little about VR solutions in recent years. The South Korean giant has become one of the pioneers of virtual and augmented reality after introducing Gear VR headsets designed to work with Samsung smartphones. However, the company announced last December that it wanted to put the system “on a well-deserved break” without offering any alternatives.

The hype surrounding the concept of the Metaverse has died down a bit in the last few days — last week Meta lost 26% of its stock value after the release of a disappointing earnings report that revealed, among other things, its augmented and virtual reality division, Reality Labs, lost more than 10 Billions of dollars, however, interest in the topic remains and many of the largest companies including Walmart, Microsoft, Nike and Disney are actively investing in related technologies and sales of AR and VR solutions have almost doubled in the Year 2021. However, the Metaverse is still a niche tool.

The main problem is the lack of information. It is not known which task the Metaverse should solve in the case of the Samsung event. There is no information on how a virtual event will differ from a real one. Apart from a short tweet about what’s new, Samsung refrains from explaining exactly how the Galaxy Unpacked 2022 will differ from its predecessors. It is known that the live broadcast will already be available on YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Twitch and Reddit, for example.

It is likely that the main event will not be a presentation in virtual reality, but, as expected, the premiere of the flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S22.


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