Tiny external screen Oppo Find N2 Flip turned into a

Tiny external screen Oppo Find N2 Flip turned into a full-featured mini phone

Application CoverScreen operating system able to turn the small 3.26-inch external display of the Oppo Find N2 flip foldable smartphone into a “full-featured mini phone”. It allows you to run “almost any application” on a small screen, significantly expanding the number of operations available to the folded device.

    Image source: jagan2/forum.xda-developers.com

Image source: jagan2/forum.xda-developers.com

The CoverScreen OS app was originally developed for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and 4, but it is not very comfortable to use on the tiny 1.9-inch screen, which is the case with the Oppo Find N2’s larger 3.26-inch display Flip is not the case., whose resolution is 720 × 382 pixels.

Some owners of a foldable smartphone from the Chinese manufacturer have already noticed how modest the equipment package of the external screen is, despite its clear superiority over the foldable Samsung screen out of the box. For example, when an email arrives, the notification only shows the subject line, and the weather forecast covers only a few hours, not the whole day.

CoverScreen OS support for the Oppo Find N2 Flip is described as “experimental”, but that might be enough to run full-featured apps and even add widgets designed for the big main screen. There’s support for a QWERTY keyboard, voice input, and even an old-fashioned T9. At the same time, no one canceled the standard functions of the Oppo Find N2 Flip external screen and its small widgets.

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