Tinder owners are suing Google for forcing them to use

Tinder owners are suing Google for forcing them to use the tech giant’s payment system

Match Group Inc., which owns dating services Tinder and OkCupid, has filed a lawsuit against Google to prevent its apps from being removed from the Play Store. The reason for the dispute is that Match Group uses its own payment system in applications and Google does not pay 30% commission on all user transactions. At the same time, Google is forcing developers to use their payment system by threatening to remove apps from the Play Store.

    Image source: Bloomberg

Image source: Bloomberg

“Ten years ago, Match Group partnered with Google. Now we are their hostages. Blinded by the possibility of getting an even bigger share of the billions of dollars that users spend on Android apps each year, Google decided to monopolize the market by giving users only one payment method in Android apps.says Match Group’s lawsuit, which was filed in federal court in Northern California.

In response to increased public pressure, Google has halved fees for certain app categories in the Play Store. Despite this, the IT giant previously announced that it was tightening the rules for using its own digital content store and asking developers to make the switch to using their payment system. According to available data, developers must make the appropriate changes to their products before June 1st. At the same time, Google reserves the right to remove applications from its store that continue to use third-party payment systems after June 1st.

A Google representative commenting on this issue noted that Match Group will be able to use third-party Android app stores to promote its own products if it doesn’t abandon its payment system. “This is just a continuation of Match Group’s self-serving campaign not to pay for the significant value they receive from the mobile platforms they use to build their business. Like any company, we charge for our services and like any responsible platform, we protect users from fraud and abuse in apps.”— added the representative of Google.


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