Tim Cook promised to toughly deal with the leaks of

Tim Cook promised to toughly deal with the leaks of inside information from Apple to the press – according to a leaked memo

Internal memos sent to employees of companies such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Apple are constantly leaking online. Last month, a note was leaked from Apple’s vice president of software congratulating employees on the launch of the iCloud photo scan feature. Shortly thereafter, the company was forced to postpone the initiative. Now another Apple memo from the head of the company, Tim Cook, has leaked on the Internet.



In a new leaked document, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the employees who leaked memos had no place in the company. Ironically. The full content of the note is as follows:

Dear team,

It was great to speak to you at the global staff meeting on Friday. There were many things to celebrate, from our exciting new product line to our work on climate change, race equality and privacy. It was a good opportunity to reflect on our many accomplishments and discuss what’s on your mind.

I am writing today because, as I heard, many of you were incredibly upset to learn that the content of the meeting was leaked to the media. This happened after the launch of the products, when part our ads were also published in the media.

I want you to know that I share your disappointment. These team interactions are really important. But they only work if we are confident that the content stays inside Apple. I want to assure you that we are doing everything in our power to identify those who have drained. As you know, we do not allow the disclosure of confidential information, be it product characteristics or details of a confidential meeting. We know that the “leaks” come from a small number of people. We also know that people leaking confidential information have no place here.

I want to thank you for everything you have done to make our products a reality, and for everything you will do to get them into the hands of customers. We released iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and watchOS 8 yesterday, and Friday marks the moment we share some of our incredible new products with the world. There is nothing better than this. We will continue to value our contributions to the lives we change, the connections we support, and the work we do to make the world a better place.



It is not clear from the contents of the note what methods of investigation will be used to identify those responsible for the leak of inside information. However, it is clear from the language Cook uses in the note that Apple will take harsh measures against violators.

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