TikTok will strengthen security and privacy settings for teens

Short video service TikTok has prepared a series of measures aimed at making social media more private, secure and less addictive for users aged 13 to 17. The changes will affect the messaging in the application, access to published videos, the ability to download them, as well as the management of notifications.



For new users aged 16-17, when registering, receiving private messages will be disabled by default. The innovation will also affect existing users of this age, at some point the application will direct them to the appropriate page in the settings and ask them to confirm the installation of this function. The administration of the service does not plan to disable private messages for everyone, the purpose of this measure is the conscious choice of users.

When the first video is published by a user under the age of 16, the system will offer to specify who will be able to see the post: subscribers, friends, or only the author himself. The “All” option is unavailable in this case. Thus, TikTok decided to reduce the visibility of content published by teenagers under 16, the author now determines his audience himself. In the same age category, the Duet and Stitch functions are not available, which are focused on the joint work of several authors.

Users aged 16-17 will also be asked by the system if their videos will be available for download. TikTok is not going to completely prohibit downloading for this group, however, you will need to confirm your choice, and the system will specify that the downloaded videos can be published on other social networks. Teens between 13 and 15 can’t make their videos downloadable at all.

Finally, TikTok will limit the number of notifications for teens. Users aged 13-15 will not receive notifications after 21:00, for the category 16-17 they will be disconnected after 22:00. In both cases, notifications will resume at 8:00.

The changes will take effect for young users around the world, but the TikTok administration has not yet agreed on an exact timeline.

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