TikTok shares the advertising revenue with the video creators

TikTok shares the advertising revenue with the video creators

TikTok, a service for creating and watching short videos, plans to offer content creators a new way to make money. The service is launching a new program where it will give a portion of the revenue to the leading authors if ads are shown alongside their videos. A similar model for rewarding content authors is used by the YouTube video service.

    Image source: Raxium

Image source: Raxium

A new program called TikTok Pulse will specifically serve ads along with the “top 4% videos on TikTok.” reported Company in the official blog. However, not everyone will have the opportunity to make money from advertising. Creators and publishers with at least 100,000 subscribers are eligible for a share of advertising revenue.

“TikTok Pulse is designed to give brands the tools and controls to participate in these everyday moments and community-relevant trends.” the company stated.

TikTok will share 50% of ad revenue with approved creators, Sandie Hawkins, CEO of Global Business Solutions North America at TikTok, told The Verge. Almost the same amount is provided to content creators by the YouTube video service.

TikTok Pulse will launch in the US in June, Hawkins said, after which it will be available to developers in additional regions of the world this fall.

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