TikTok requires deepfake videos to be flagged

TikTok requires deepfake videos to be flagged

TikTok short video platform updated community rules. How written down Resource The Verge, the changes include new restrictions on the publication of AI-generated deepfakes, which are becoming increasingly popular in the application. Now the creator must explicitly indicate in the description of the video or by a sticker on the video itself to which it refers “synthetic and manipulative media”.

    Image source: Pixabay

Image source: Pixabay

Previously, TikTok’s deepfake rules were limited to potentially banning content “Misleading users by distorting the truth about events [или] cause significant harm to the subject of the video.”

TikTok said it will not allow posting “Artificial Media, containing the picture of a real private person”, Demonstrate endorsement of a product by a public figure or violate other usage policies (e.g., prohibition of hate speech). The company defines public figures as persons aged 18 and over who hold “holding significant public office, such as being a government official, politician, business leader, or celebrity.”

TikTok’s policy update comes amid mounting political pressure on parent company ByteDance over Western government concerns about the app’s collection of personal information and its ability to sway public opinion. Currently, the application is already blocked for use by government employees in the US, UK, New Zealand and Canada.

The company also released a list of eight “Community Principles” the first are “Damage Prevention” And “Ensuring Freedom of Speech”.

TikTok currently has an audience of 150 million in the US and more than 1 billion worldwide.


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