TikTok offers parents the ability to keyword videos for their

TikTok offers parents the ability to keyword videos for their kids

The social network TikTok has added a new feature to the Family Pairing tool. A tool that allows parents to link their accounts to their children’s accounts for content control and privacy settings now offers the ability to customize which videos and hashtags for in-app recommendations and companion videos are blocked using keywords.

    Image source: Tiktok

Image source: Tiktok

The new Family Pairing feature helps parents reduce the risk that the content they view is inappropriate. It is known that the presented function has been in the works since March of this year. According to TikTok, experts including experts from the Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI) were brought in to implement the new feature in Family Pairing, which helped strike a balance that ensures both parents’ ability to take care of their children’s safety care and respect for the right of minors to participate in online life.

“By default, teens can see keywords their adult added to the list.”, – say in TikTok. Keywords provide a personalized layer on top of the TikTok Content Levels system, which is already helping to block 13-17 year olds from accessing questionable content.

The company also announced the launch of a youth council to learn from the experiences of those using the platform. This will help better cope with changes and ensure a safe viewing experience for video content.

In March, TikTok expanded its social media time management settings, introduced new default settings for teenage accounts, and expanded the features of its family pairing tool. As part of these changes, the app limits the time minors spend on the social network to 60 minutes. After that, young people must receive a code from their parents in order to be able to continue using the application.

Previously, TikTok released stats that showed 75% of teens prefer to stay within the boundary. Additionally, the company said more than 850,000 families are using Family Pairing to limit children’s access to content hosted on the platform.

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