TikTok is moving US users sensitive data to the US

TikTok is moving US users’ sensitive data to the US

Management of the TikTok short video service reportedthat has overcome “significant milestone” in ensuring data security for users from the United States – now the related sensitive information is stored in the country by default.

    Image source: antonbe / pixabay.com

Image source: antonbe / pixabay.com

Chinese company ByteDance, which owns TikTok, clarified that it has so far stored a significant portion of US user data in a data center in Virginia. Now the developer has signed a partnership agreement with Oracle and redirected American traffic to the new partner’s cloud resources.

This measure is just the beginning of TikTok’s transformation, as the service still raises numerous questions from US authorities. In their bid to limit the global influence of the Chinese tech giants, they ensure that ByteDance no longer has access to US user data.

As a confirmation of this, the resource was published almost immediately after the announcement of the transfer of US user data to the Oracle cloud. BuzzFeed Newswhich claims the company’s Chinese employees had access to American users’ data from at least September 2021 to January 2022.

The material also indicates that only confidential information about Americans is stored on Oracle servers – their dates of birth and phone numbers. And ByteDance’s Chinese staff still have access to the most valuable data, such as what interests users in the US: from cat videos to political opinions. And this information worries the American authorities the most – they wonder whether a recommendation algorithm based on it can be used as a tool of foreign interference.

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