TikTok introduces labeling for AI generated content

TikTok introduces labeling for AI-generated content

Short-video platform TikTok has announced the launch of a new feature that will allow creators to explicitly state that their content was created using AI. This innovation was first noticed by users last month. The aim of the initiative is to increase transparency and honesty when creating content.

    Image source: TikTok

Image source: TikTok

Under the new rules, content creators must disclose whether the material was created using AI. When you create a video or photo, you will be asked to enable tagging. The “AI” tag is placed below the username in the bottom left corner of the video. The company emphasized that unlabeled AI content may be removed.

TikTok plans to start testing automatic labeling of all AI content soon. This will be part of the company’s efforts to promote transparency and prevent the spread of fake content, which has already garnered millions of views through the use of voice cloning software that creates fake songs and videos featuring celebrities.

In addition, TikTok ordered filter and effect creators to rename AI-based tools and add the abbreviation “AI” to their names. For example, the Bold Glamor face filter that appeared on TikTok in March is undergoing a rebrand.

TikTok aims to create an environment where users can safely distinguish real content from AI-generated content. This will help prevent the spread of misinformation and maintain audience trust in the platform.

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