TikTok fails stress test to comply with new EU law

TikTok fails stress test to comply with new EU law on digital services

Last Monday, EU Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton and his staff conducted a so-called “stress test” at TikTok’s Dublin offices, which showed the platform was unprepared to comply with the requirements of the European Digital Services Act (DSA). comes into effect. Valid from August 25th.

    Image source: antonbe / pixabay.com

Image source: antonbe / pixabay.com

“Recent events have shown the impact and impact TikTok is having on people’s lives and democracy.”said Breton. More than a quarter of the European population are TikTok users, most of them teenagers. “If its systems fail, the magnitude of the consequences could be significant”added the official.

The popular short video service from the Chinese company ByteDance is one of the Internet platforms that have to comply with new moderation rules and face fines worth billions or EU bans. The tests carried out covered areas such as child protection, a content recommendation and moderation system, access to data and transparency of activities. Breton welcomed TikTok’s agreement to voluntarily undergo testing and the resources provided by the platform to do so.

The EU Commissioner has now come to this conclusion “It’s time to move towards full compliance. At the end of August we will assess whether there has been a real, tangible change in fundamentals.”.


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