TikTok encourages users to create long horizontal videos

TikTok encourages users to create long, horizontal videos

It seems that the TikTok service wants users of the platform to turn over their smartphones and start recording horizontal videos, even those longer than a minute. This is suggested by platform recommendations that appeared among some content authors.

    Image source: Alexander Shatov/unsplash.com

Image source: Alexander Shatov/unsplash.com

The guidelines state that the platform will “promote” horizontal videos longer than a minute within 72 hours of their publication. Content creators who have been registered on the platform for more than three months also have the opportunity to increase the number of views on their videos, as long as they are not advertising or have a connection to politics. TikTok officials have not yet commented on the matter.

Most TikTok users use smartphones to interact with the platform, which makes watching vertical videos the most convenient. Obviously, the mentioned innovation is the next step aimed at making the service more similar to YouTube. In addition, TikTok is testing the feature to publish 30-minute videos. Previously, users were also given the option to create 15-minute videos. We would like to remind you that on YouTube many videos last longer than 10 minutes, which is due to monetization rules and not to users’ desire to create longer videos.

TikTok has pushed users to create longer videos before. The recently launched Series paywall allows users to organize video collections up to 20 minutes long for paying subscribers. At the same time, they can independently set the cost of accessing this content from $1 to $190.

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