TikTiok will roll out monetization for publishers giving them up

TikTiok will roll out monetization for publishers, giving them up to 50% of ad revenue

TikTok announced the launch of its new solution, Pulse Premiere, which aims to enable large publishers to earn from ads that appear immediately after their content is viewed. Pulse Premiere is an extension of TikTok’s existing Pulse monetization program, in which a group of top creators earn half of the revenue from video ads that appear immediately after their posts.

Currently, the offer is limited to select accounts with large followings such as Condé Nast, BuzzFeed and NBC. Unlike the original Pulse program, which only monetizes the top 4% of creator contributions (based on platform metrics), Pulse Premiere allows you to earn ads after all videos.

The ability to sell ads on one of the most popular social networks will be a boon for content creators who are facing tough economic conditions that have led to advertisers spending cuts. Ray Cao, Head of Monetization and Product Strategy, expressed confidence in TikTok’s ability to support developers in this way, while generating new business opportunities for the platform.

Through partnerships with renowned publishers such as Condé Nast, BuzzFeed and NBC, Pulse Premiere by TikTok enables advertisers to associate their brand with quality content, thereby increasing trust and visibility. Additionally, as the platform’s user base grows, advertisers can attract a diverse and engaged audience. And publishers can grow their presence on the platform and gain insight into the content that resonates with users.

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