Threads starts the post search so far only in English

Threads starts the post search, so far only in English and Spanish

The search options for publications on the Threads microblogging platform have been expanded. The feature is slowly rolling out to users in “most” English- and Spanish-speaking countries, Meta’s head said. Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg), and in the near future their number will increase.

    Image source: Azamat E /

Image source: Azamat E /

Test searching of Threads publications started a little over a week ago in Australia and New Zealand, and prior to that searching was only done by users. The feature will soon be available in the US and UK and will also be rolled out on the web version of the platform.

After updating the application, the function already worked for some users, according to their own statements The edgeand it is implemented somewhat non-standard: when you enter a search query in the search field, the output shows a list of users who meet these criteria, and an additional link for searching for publications appeared above the main output.

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Image source:

Meta has led the development of Threads as an alternative to Twitter since the beginning of the year. It had to be sped up after Twitter’s owner made an unpopular decision – restricting post reading due to active analysis of content by artificial intelligence models. Threads went public with minimal functionality, gaining a record 100 million users and losing half just as quickly. Ironically, Threads also restricted access to content just a few weeks after release, although not as severely.


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