Threads allows you to delete your account until December 2023

Threads allows you to delete your account until December 2023 without losing your Instagram profile

Meta After the launch of the microblogging platform, Threads was criticized because users did not have the option to delete their Threads account without deleting their Instagram account. The company is currently working on a separate Threads account deletion feature, which is expected to be available in December this year.

    Image source: Threads

Image source: Threads

The social network Threads, which was introduced to the public in July this year, quickly began to gain an audience. However, despite introducing a number of expected features and innovations, the service’s popularity began to wane over time. The current level of user activity does not match Meta’s original expectations.

At TechCrunch Disrupt, Michel Protti, Chief Product Privacy Officer at Meta, reported that the company is actively working on implementing the Threads account deletion feature. Protti mentioned technical difficulties when trying to unlink Instagram accounts and threads, which led to the development of additional features such as: B. the ability to deactivate and manage account privacy.

It was extremely difficult to technically implement the deletion of a Threads account without affecting the Instagram account. We have therefore taken particular care to ensure that the user can exercise their right to deletion by deactivating the account, hiding all content, making it private or deleting individual posts“Protti emphasized.

Protti noticed this too, during Meta As the company works on ways to integrate Threads with Fediverse, it is evaluating various scenarios, such as moving a Threads post to another server and then deleting it by the author.

Threads currently has 23.7 million monthly active users in the U.S., behind platforms like Reddit and X, according to an analysis by Insider Intelligence(formerly Twitter).

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