Thousands of Amazon enterprise customers are already using the companys

Thousands of Amazon enterprise customers are already using the company’s AI tools

Amazon’s artificial intelligence tools are already being used by thousands of its corporate customers — they find these tools more interesting than their Microsoft and Google counterparts, the company said Reuters one of the heads of the company’s cloud department.

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Amazon Bedrock’s suite of offerings, which includes several different AI-based tools, has already been tested by clients such as Sony, Ryanair and Sun Life – these solutions enable companies to quickly deploy applications using a range of AI models, explained Swami Sivasubramanian. Vice President of Amazon. We are talking about generative systems that make it possible to create text, images and other content on demand.

Bedrock is Amazon’s answer to competing offerings from Google and Microsoft, whose AI solutions have captured the public’s attention. Amazon announced for the first time that several thousand customers are using its technology, underscoring the demand for the program. On Wednesday, the company expanded its offering with technologies from promising startups Anthropic and Stability AI. Access to the Amazon Bedrock platform for all customers without exception will be open in the near future, Shivasubramanyan said, but a number of related issues still need to be resolved first.

The cloud provider also announced Agents for Amazon Bedrock, which enable businesses to quickly deploy chatbots that can perform specific tasks and provide personalized responses based on previously collected data. An example is a scenario where an airline-launched virtual agent creates a self-booking ticket for a person who has provided their budget, destination, and preferred pickup location.

Another novelty is AWS HealthScribe, which provides custom application development tools for transcription and analysis of doctor-patient conversations. Such applications will help speed up the workflow in medical institutions.


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