Thorough tests show the new PlayStation 5 cooling system is better than the old

A deeper analysis of the updated version of the PlayStation 5 console, carried out by bloggers from the YouTube channel HardwareBusters, showed that the new cooling system used in it actually does its job better than the original one.

Image source: HardwareBusters

Image source: HardwareBusters

Earlier it was reported that an updated PlayStation 5 appeared on sale, which became 300 grams lighter than the original version due to the reduced radiator of the cooling system. One of the first comparative analysis of the new and old console was conducted by the popular blogger Austin Evans, who stated that the new cooling system of the console became worse, because, due to the smaller size, it became more heated. As shown by a more detailed analysis using professional equipment, conducted by the YouTube channel HardwareBusters, the statements of the popular blogger are not true.

Detailed checks and tests from outside HardwareBusters the temperature of the hot air leaving the set-top boxes, as well as the temperatures of the single-chip system (SoC), memory (VRAM) and power subsystem (VRM) of the set-top box during idle and under gaming load were subjected to.

The most significant temperature difference has been replaced by the SoC. At the same time, in favor of the new version. While the original PlayStation 5 had a processor temperature of 51.15 degrees Celsius, the new version had a temperature of 40.08 degrees – a whopping 11 degrees lower. On the contrary, the memory of the new console warmed up about 8 degrees Celsius higher than that of the original – 48.20 versus 40.88 ° C. And the VRM temperature of the new console was 46.32 degrees Celsius, which is only 1.35 degrees higher than the original PS5.

The author of the HardwareBusters channel also compared the work of the cooling system of the set-top boxes. As the test showed, the fans of both COs operate at the same speed, both in idle and under game load.

Cooling fan operation

Cooling fan operation

The reason the new set-top box is one decibel louder is due to the reduced size of the cooling system – there is now less resistance in the sound path, since the cooling radiator has become smaller. In practice, this difference will be impossible to notice.

Average noise figure

Average noise figure

The higher temperature of the air leaving the set-top box, taking into account the indicated disadvantages, in turn, indicates that the entire cooling system of the set-top box as a whole copes with its task more efficiently. At the same time, the difference in exhaust temperature also cannot be called significant. For the new console, it is 41.11 degrees, and for the old one – 39.85 degrees Celsius.

HardwareBusters also compared the power consumption of the set-top boxes. In all modes, the difference was minimal or absent altogether.

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