This is what disappointment looks like The trailer for the

“This is what disappointment looks like”: The trailer for the new season of League of Legends was so bad that Riot had to apologize

portal PC gamer Noticed that the new season of League of Legends cinematic trailer, The Brink of Infinity, wasn’t received as positively as last year’s The Call.

    Image Credit: Riot Games

Image Credit: Riot Games

Recall that the trailer marking the start of the final League of Legends season “Phone call‘ stretched over four minutes and featured impressive animations, battles, colorful characters and different locations.

The “On the Threshold of Infinity” video released last Tuesday, January 10th lasts only two minutes and features only a flight over the Summoner’s Rift map, voiced by a child Phrases of different champions.

Comparisons to The Call (it received 99% likes) did not fall in favor of On the Threshold of Infinity, and disappointed fans drowned new trailer Dislikes: Over 220,000 negative reviews versus only 30,000 positive ones.

Fans have already named the trailer technical demo of the Unreal Engine and ideal display of the current score». User WDYWFMN summarized: “Disappointment Looks Like This”.

When outrage at the quality of the video turned to fears for the future of League of Legends, the situation was over comment and Riot Games: The approach taken in creating the trailer for the new season made a difference “unprecedented circumstances”.

Still, the studio acknowledged that “On the Threshold of Infinity” hasn’t reached the level of promotion it has seen in previous years and promised to talk about plans to further develop the game in the coming days. What according to Riot “Shining future”.

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