This is the game Ive always wanted The trailer for

“This is the game I’ve always wanted!”: The trailer for the Jurassic Park shooter, made entirely in Dreams, wowed gamers

A group of fans united in a collective called Genetic Games introduced the debut trailer of Jurassic Park Operations, a shooter entirely based on the Jurassic Park based game builder Dreams.

    Image Source: Genetic Games

Image Source: Genetic Games

Genetic Games already impressed the community when Krenautican (one of the developers) released in September video clip with demonstration imitated in dreams famous scene from “Jurassic Park” involving a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

As it turned out, this episode was just a teaser for a larger project – Jurassic Park Operations combines elements of a shooter with car rides and exploring the famous park with dinosaurs realized in Dreams.

The leaked Jurassic Park Operations trailer (attached below) is around two minutes long and features gameplay footage, dinosaur encounters and voice acting straight from the first film.

The audience warmly welcomed the debut trailer of Jurassic Park Operations, highlighted the high quality of work done by Genetic Games and attention to detail, and wished the team a successful completion of the project.

Some players were so impressed with the video that they could hardly believe what they were seeing, while others pre-signed their love for Jurassic Park Operations. For example, MattyJBass: “This is the game I’ve always wanted to play!”

Jurassic Park Operations takes about a year and a half to develop. There is currently no release date or timeline for the project, but Krenautican regularly shares progress updates on Twitter.

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