“This is not a simple port and not a mod”: in Green Hell VR you will have to “manually” collect resources, dress up wounds and fight

Developers from the studio Incuvo have revealed the first details of the VR version of the Green Hell survival simulator, which is scheduled to be released in 2022. As it turns out, it won’t be an exact copy of the original and will offer a lot more interactivity.

Image source: Creepy Jar

Image source: Creepy Jar

“First of all, let us emphasize that Green Hell VR is not a simple port of the original Green Hell and not a modification that adds support for virtual reality devices,wrote developers. – This is a separate game. It may seem like it looks and feels the same as the ‘flat’ version, but in fact we made a lot of changes to integrate with VR headsets. “

The creators name their project “The most sophisticated and authentic survival simulator for VR devices”… This version will be distinguished by increased interactivity of the environment, as well as the need to make movements in the real world to use objects, swimming, climbing ropes, during battles and in other situations.

Green Hell VR.  Image source: Steam

Green Hell VR. Image source: Steam

The authors talked about the following differences:

  • the player can pick up and explore almost any object;
  • you need to collect food and resources manually;
  • using VR controllers, you can swing a knife and cut trees, making the corresponding movements with your hands in the real world;
  • Jake Higgins’ interactive audio diaries and walkie-talkie will enhance the immersion in history;
  • objects will have their own physical model: they will realistically interact with the environment and the hero’s hands;
  • it will become easier to manage objects: the player will be able to take them in both hands, as well as physically place them in a backpack;
  • intuitive crafting: all ingredients have to be manually placed on the workbench to create a new item;
  • Jake’s body will also receive a full-fledged physical model: to bandage wounds, remove leeches, examine limbs, swim and climb on ropes, you will need to physically move;
  • real movements will become the basis for battles (archery, throwing stones, using a machete and other weapons).

In the coming weeks, the developers promised to publish a video comparison of the regular and VR versions.

Last month, Polish studio Creepy Jar, which created the original version, reported 2.5 million copies of Green Hell sold. This amount was realized in more than three years since the release of the game.

Green Hell VR was planned to be released before the end of 2021, however in August Incuvo announced to postpone the release to the first half of 2022. At the same time, the authors confirmed that the co-op mode will be available in the VR version. The simulator will receive support for Steam VR and Oculus Quest.

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