They will never find me The player has found a

“They will never find me”: The player has found a bottomless treasure chest in Diablo IV and wants to hide it from Blizzard

The greedy goblins in Blizzard Entertainment’s fantasy action role-playing game Diablo IV have a competitor: an unknown bug has led to the appearance of a bottomless chest containing rare treasures in the game world.

    Image source: PC Gamer

Image source: PC Gamer

forum users Reddit Using the alias High-With-You, he reported that while completing the Wet Treaty quest in the Skosglen region, he came across an unremarkable-looking chest that actually turned out to be the most generous in history.

With each click, more and more treasure poured out of the chest: Unknowingly, High-With-You discovered and gained access to an endless supply of legendary and sacred items.

“I understand this is wrong, but I can’t stop. It’s like an ATM that suddenly starts spitting out banknotes. You probably shouldn’t do that, but…”couldn’t resist Cheers to you

Along the way, several random players joined High-With-You – they also got some of the items. However, when attempting to teleport back, High-With-You’s game crashed (probablydue to the amount of treasure on screen).

A brief experience enabled High-With-You to fill about half Expand your stash with unique items. The chest was found in the third level world (out of four), so the treasures that fell out were not of the highest quality.

Blizzard will certainly be interested in finding High-With-You. Users warn the treasure hunter about a possible ban, but he did Everything under control: “I transmogrified myself, they will never find me”.

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