They asked to be deleted after four years of hard

“They asked to be deleted after four years of hard work”: A fan game set in the Witcher universe has been shut down over claims by CD Projekt RED

The team of Polish enthusiasts Wilczy Miot announced the closure of their pixel role-playing game Wiedźmin: Kres Cechu (“The Witcher: The End of the Craft”) set in The Witcher universe. How write GRY-Online.plThe reason was a conflict with CD Projekt RED.

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Description: Kres Cechu, created in the RPG Maker editor, takes place at a time when people began to develop a strong dislike for witchers. The hero is Joel, a monster slayer from the school of the wolf, and the atmosphere of the project is inspired by the original The Witcher (2007).

The free game was released on and other platforms on July 1 after four years of development. Before closing, she managed to attract attention: she was downloaded more than 1900 times. The authors explained that they were forced to remove Wiedźmin: Kres Cechu from public access and remove the video from their channel (although it can be found on YouTube). informal pass) due to CD Projekt RED’s response.

Wilczy Miot spoke up discord, who tried to contact the copyright holder right at the start of development, but nothing came of it. Later, YouTuber RaptorPL wrote CD Projekt RED on behalf of Wilczy Miot and received an answer: fans can continue working on the condition that they do not use graphics and sound materials from the Polish company’s games.

However, after the release, CD Projekt RED’s lawyers sent a letter to the team, demanding that distribution of the game be stopped. It turned out that the employee who gave consent through RaptorPL was not authorized to solve such problems. “We were asked to remove the game after four years of hard work”— complained the developers of Wiedźmin: Kres Cechu.

In a message to, a CD Projekt RED spokesman clarified that the team has never had a license to develop a game in the Witcher universe. In addition, enthusiasts were allegedly informed back in July 2020 that the studio’s management has banned the publication of amateur projects in the Witcher universe that use its intellectual property. They have also been made aware of the fan content requirements it contains official site.

Still, the team has no plans to give up game development. Wilczy Miot will soon start developing a commercial project Nicole that will not infringe on third party intellectual property.

In the comments to the post, users are divided. Some sided with the fans and compared CD Projekt RED to Take-Two Interactive, which bans all amateur creations in their games’ universes, while others expressed the opinion that Wilczy Miot was to blame for releasing the project without understand the correct issue.

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