Thermaltake introduces the high performance TOUGHFAN 12 Pro and 14 Pro

Thermaltake introduces the high-performance TOUGHFAN 12 Pro and 14 Pro fans

Thermaltake introduced the powerful 120mm and 140mm TOUGHFAN 12 Pro and 14 Pro fans. New models offer increased airflow and static pressure compared to previous generation models. They can be used not only as additional case fans, but also together with coolers for liquid and air cooling systems.

    Image source: Thermaltake

Image source: Thermaltake

The impeller of TOUGHFAN 12/14 Pro fans consists of nine blades and is made of liquid crystal polymer (LCP). The material made it possible to lengthen the blades and reduce the gap between them and the body to 0.6 mm. The speed range of new products extends from 500 to 2000 rpm. Declared support for PWM. At maximum speed, the fans deliver airflow of 70.8 and 119.6 cubic feet per minute (CFM) at static pressures of 3.19 and 3.57 mmH2O. Art. for 120 or 140 mm models. They also use a new frame design with a beveled trailing edge to minimize air leakage, and rubber anti-vibration pads are integrated into the body at the corners.

Thermaltake TOUGHFAN 12/14 Pro fans are based on a new generation hydrodynamic bearing with reduced noise levels. The durability of the shank design is increased, which contributes to an effective two-way distribution of the lubricant. In addition, the manufacturer has strengthened the fans’ electric motor by incorporating a steel hub and copper bearing housing into its design.

The company states that the 120mm model of the TOUGHFAN 12 Pro produces no more than 22.6dBA of noise when operating, while the 140mm model produces no more than 31.6dBA of noise at top speed.

TOUGHFAN 12/14 Pro fans are said to have a downtime of 40,000 hours and a five-year manufacturer’s warranty. The company’s price is $24.99 for the 120mm TOUGHFAN Pro fan and $29.99 for the 140mm fan.

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