Thermalright introduces giant M2 SSD tower coolers

Thermalright introduces giant M.2 SSD tower coolers

Thermalright has introduced two cooling systems for NVMe SSDs – Thermalright HR-09 Pro and Thermalright HR-09. Both innovations are characterized by their tower design and accordingly by no means small sizes for such devices.

    Image source: Thermalright

Image source: Thermalright

Both new Designed for use with M.2 2280 format SSDs. The difference between the Pro and the regular version is that the former has twice the number of aluminum fins, making it not only taller and heavier but also more efficient than the latter. With dimensions of 74 × 24 × 86 mm, the weight of the Thermalright HR-09 Pro cooling system is 90 grams, while the novelty itself is higher than some models of low-profile CPU coolers from the same manufacturer.

    Thermalright HR-09 Pro

Thermalright HR-09 Pro

The construction of the Thermalright HR-09 Pro consists of a nickel-plated copper base, two 6mm heatpipes and a total of 66 aluminum fins.

The Thermalright HR-09 model uses a single heat pipe of the same diameter and is fitted with 32 aluminum fins. The dimensions of this version of CO are 48 × 24 × 79 mm and the weight is 80 grams.

    Thermal Right HR-09

Thermal Right HR-09

While even the highest-performing NVMe storage models today generally don’t suffer from overheating issues, that may change with the release of PCIe 5.0-capable SSD models. Remember that the speed for them is declared double what the current PCIe 4.0 solutions can offer. According to Phison, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of microcontrollers for SSD, new models of NVMe drives with PCIe 5.0 interface may require the use of active cooling systems due to their enormous performance.

Although modern SSD controllers can operate in temperatures of up to 120 degrees Celsius and NAND flash memory chips are designed to operate in temperatures of up to 70 degrees Celsius, ideal conditions require that the operating temperature of these components be in the range of 35- does not exceed 50 degrees.

None of Thermalright’s SSD COs offer active cooling, but resourceful users can make their own 60mm fan clips for the same HR-09 Pro model.


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