Theres really nothing to say right now Warren Spectors work

“There’s really nothing to say right now”: Warren Spector’s work on System Shock 3 ended back in 2019

Warren Spector, co-founder of OtherSide Entertainment, in a recent interview VentureBeat commented on the participation in the development of the long-suffering system Shock 3.

Image Credit: OtherSide Entertainment

Image Credit: OtherSide Entertainment

Keep in mind that System Shock 3 was announced way back in December 2015, but didn’t get past the September 2019 gameplay teaser. In February 2020, OtherSide made massive layoffs, and in May, Tencent took over the project.

According to Spector, who is listed as System Shock 3’s creative director, he and the team worked on the game between 2018 and 2019. The size of the team at that time was no more than 17 people.

Frame from the gameplay teaser System Shock 3

Frame from the gameplay teaser System Shock 3

“We issued a statement last year (actually the year before last – approx.). There isn’t much to say now. Tencent is taking the franchise further. You decide what to say. I can’t give a specific explanation.”Spector shared.

Apparently System Shock 3 was left behind for Spector. The acclaimed game designer is now leading the development of immersive simulations on a new intellectual property from OtherSide Entertainment.


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