There will still be no desktop Meteor Lake Intel

There will still be no desktop Meteor Lake – Intel will offer mobile chips for desktop mini PCs and all-in-one PCs

Recent statements from Intel management about their readiness to introduce desktop versions of Meteor Lake processors next year contradicted the previously ingrained idea that they would appear only in the mobile segment. Now resource ComputerBase I found that customers still can’t expect full distribution of Meteor Lake processors in the desktop segment.

    Image source: Intel, ComputerBase

Image source: Intel, ComputerBase

After reaching out to other Intel representatives for comment, German journalists received a vague response that nothing had changed in the company’s plans to sell Meteor Lake processors. The public part of Intel’s comment literally said: meteor Lake is an energy-efficient architecture that will support innovative mobile and desktop systems, including all-in-one solutions (AIO). We will share more details in the future.”.

German colleagues concluded that Intel actually expects to offer Meteor Lake processors in the desktop segment, aimed primarily at the mobile segment, but exclusively in compact NUC systems, the production of which Intel has completely delegated to partners, as as well as monoblocks that combine a monitor and a computer in a compact housing. In most cases, BGA processors soldered onto a printed circuit board also work for such purposes, which does not completely exclude the occurrence of Meteor Lake modifications for installation in the processor socket.

In the second half of next year, Arrow Lake processors will appear in the LGA 1851 version, made using Intel 20A technology. They should find maximum distribution in the desktop segment and be combined with full-size motherboards familiar to users. Among other things, the Intel Z890 chipset will be designed to work with these processors. The Lunar Lake processors, which will also be released by the end of 2024, are aimed at mobile systems with minimal power consumption. Such chips are manufactured using Intel 18A process technology.

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