There was one person in the world who achieved all

There was one person in the world who achieved all the achievements in Final Fantasy XIV in 10 years – there are more than two and a half thousand of them in the game

In more than ten years since its release, the current version of the online role-playing game Final Fantasy XIV Online has accumulated 2,751 achievements. Many of them are quite simple, but some require hundreds of hours or even years to complete. And yet one player managed to get them all.

    Image source: Steam (Luna)

Image source: Steam (Luna)

It’s Free Dial user Olzo from the Japanese Garuda server – a feat confirmed by unofficial player stats sites (LaSuccesses). portal PC gamer clarifies that the player picked up his trophy collection at the end of August, but pay attention turned just recently.

Collecting all the achievements in Final Fantasy XIV Online is not a trivial task. In addition to completing thousands of dungeons, raids, hunts and PvP matches for different classes, you must obtain all the trophies associated with level quests. The last task alone takes seven (!) years due to time constraints.

    Image source: Reddit

Image source: Reddit

Luckily, Lalachievements doesn’t track trophies that are no longer available (such as those tied to seasonal events or reworked game elements), but that doesn’t detract from Free-dial Olzo’s successes. However, the user does not have to rest on his laurels for long.

Out today, October 3rd, Patch 6.5 will include, among other things, three more achievements for Final Fantasy Version 6.5 will be the last major update before the release of the Dawntrail addon in summer 2024.

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