There is no real picture Samsung justified the use of

“There is no real picture”: Samsung justified the use of AI algorithms in smartphone cameras

Samsung Executive Vice President Patrick Chomet joined the discussion about the use of artificial intelligence algorithms in processing photos taken on a smartphone. According to him, today AI is used to take all pictures on phone cameras, which means that all mobile photos in this sense can be called fake.

“Last year, Marques Brownlee showed a wonderful video about shooting the Moon. Everyone was arguing: “Is this a fake? Not a fake?”. There has been debate about what constitutes the real picture. And in fact, the real picture does not exist. You have sensors to capture something, you reproduce it [то, что видите], and it doesn’t mean anything. There is no real picture. You can try to identify a real picture by saying, “I took this photo,” but if you used AI to optimize the zoom, autofocus, scene, is it real? Or is it all filters? There is no real picture, period.”Mr. Chomet told the resource TechRadar.

Manufacturers of smartphones and software for them are increasingly using AI to improve the quality of camera images. For example, for this, several frames from different cameras or taken in a row are combined, and the final image is synthesized using a software method. The question became even more acute with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series of smartphones, abundantly equipped with AI functions, including an image editor based on the Google Imagen 2 generator.

At the same time, the executive vice president of Samsung is not trying to abdicate responsibility from the company – he agrees that the AI ​​industry needs regulation, and the company is ready to help the authorities in this matter. By integrating AI into mobile devices, Samsung is trying to solve two problems: help users capture “moment” and suggest a way to create “new reality” — the images generated in the latter case are marked with metadata and watermarks, “so people understand the difference”.


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