There is always something to do here journalists appreciated the

“There is always something to do here”: journalists appreciated the gameplay of the city planning strategy SteamWorld Build with steam robots

The release of the SteamWorld Build city planning strategy will take place only in a few days, but review materials from the gaming press have already appeared. Journalists praised the project from publisher Thunderful Games and the developers of its studio The Station.

    Image source: Thunderful Games

Image source: Thunderful Games

SteamWorld Build invites you to become the architect of a mining town inhabited by steam robots (Steambots). Players must dig up the ground, build houses for their steam robot citizens, and provide them with everything they need. There is a mine under the settlement, which requires the rescue of all residents.

On the review aggregator OpenCritic SteamWorld Build has 28 reviews (81% rating). Journalists praise the city-building strategy for its addictive gameplay, general variability, convenient controls (both via keyboard and mouse and via a gamepad) and a well-thought-out interface.

But balance issues in the later stages of the game and boring gameplay were the main reasons for the downgrade in the final ratings. Additionally, some reviewers felt the story campaign was too short. Below you will find quotes from selected publications that describe both the positive and negative aspects of the strategy.

PushSquare: “SteamWorld Build is a delightful and very interesting city building project. The two game modes complement each other well and offer two very different but equally entertaining ways to gain resources.”.

Game Informer: “Unfortunately, the SteamWorld Build campaign has been delayed. The lackluster plot and rigidly defined end goals turn what was initially an entertaining activity into a tedious task.”.

GamesRadar: “There’s always something to do and I find it a lot more entertaining than some city building sims where you just sit back and watch the money pour in.”.

SteamWorld Build will be released on December 1st on PC (Steam, GOG, EGS), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, and Nintendo Switch.

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