The XOS shell as an example of a special approach

The XOS shell as an example of a special approach to Android

Shells (launchers) for Android are a mandatory element on almost every smartphone that is not called iPhone. In this article we will talk about one of the most functional and at the same time specific shells used in Android smartphones – XOS from Infinix.

Almost every company that manufactures Android smartphones offers its own shell for this operating system – this allows you to create an individual user experience, set the right accents and create a competitive advantage. And sometimes – with integration into the advertising shell – and earn. Infinix isn’t trying to monetize users through the shell, instead offering a very unusual experience of interacting with a smartphone.

The current version of the shell is XOS 10, which “covers” the Android 11 operating system. This is not a serial number – for example, the previous version was 7.6. And it’s not like it jumped forward three generations at once, but there were enough changes.

Interface. The main characteristics of the shell are the increasing role of widgets and “big folders”: instead of the usual “wall” of application icons, we see a more heterogeneous picture in which these icons are grouped and surrounded by branded widgets (in particular , weather and “media”, with a Selecting photos from gallery for quick viewing). We also notice that the size of the icons in the folders is preserved during the preview – that’s why we call these folders “large”.

Also very characteristic, which can be found more and more frequently in current smartphones, are the quick settings and the two-part notification field. The first is accessed by swiping down from the top right of the screen, the second from the top left.

The general style of XOS 10 has also been updated – this shell was already difficult to confuse with others thanks to the abundance of unusual modes and functions, externally it acquired even more originality. But it’s time to talk only about these features. Let’s list some of them.

Security. In addition to the standard methods of protecting all information on a smartphone (fingerprint, face recognition, PIN code, password or pattern), you can hide individual applications (under a pattern) and put photos in a special folder through the X Hide application in the gallery settings .

Long screenshot. A traditional option for a modern smartphone, which is also available on XOS: to take a screenshot of the entire browser page or correspondence, you need to swipe down with three fingers and select the desired area.

Social turbo. A special set of tools for working with WhatsApp: you can set up a flash notification when there is an incoming call, record a conversation with the interlocutor (and he does not know that a recording is in progress), change the face during a video call Use the Video Makeup panel, change the voice, and Review mode allows you to view retracted messages and read messages without sending a read receipt. Note that call recording without notifying the caller and light notification with flash can also be configured for conventional mobile communications.

game mode. Infinix claims that this feature overclocks the processor, eliminating stuttering and collapsing frame rates during long gaming sessions, but in fact we can talk about lowering the frequency to combat overheating – but at least games run really stable on smartphones running XOS.

Wezone. As part of the game mode, there is even a whole zone with casual games available, including for working in the local network (offline multiplayer). A great option to kill time somewhere in line or in transport when long sessions of “serious” games are not available.

kids mode. Also a standard mode for many smartphones today, but with some additional features added: for example, an additional battery discharge protection that ensures that the smartphone has enough charge to hail a taxi home, or a “position warning” if the smartphone itself on determines (using the built-in gyroscope) that the child is improperly seated.
The feature also collects statistics about used applications for the week.

And that’s not all the features of XOS: there’s also a right-most screen with news content, reminders, and information about your smartphone’s health and usage; has its own system for “cloning” devices (Xclone), comprehensive settings and much more. At the same time, we are not talking about an overloaded shell – it works quite quickly (depending on the performance of a particular smartphone) and stably. Russification in the latest version has also improved somewhat, although it’s not perfect yet – bugs do appear. But in general – a very functional and original case.



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